Everdrive Sega Megadrive/Genesis + 16gb sd card (900 games)

Everdrive Sega Megadrive/Genesis + 16gb sd card (900 games)

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Included in your order :

- Megadrive Flash Cartridge
- 16gb Sd Card with 900 games

The EDMD Game Cartridge is a multi-cart sd card loader for the Sega
Megadrive / Genesis, which loads your rom unto the console itself

Play Megadrive / Genesis roms via the sd card

Handling of the flashcart is very simple. Just put your game files on SD card. Plug SD card into the cartridge and plug the cartridge into the cartridge slot of your Sega Megadrive / Genesis and select your desired game from the menu that shows up on your television


- Supports 99.99% of games from the Sega Megadrive library (It works with every single game except Virtua Racing)

- Supports homebrew games and hacks

- Play Sega Master System games, there is a pause button on the everdrive itself (no need for an adapter, you can play the Master System games straight from the everdrive on your Megadrive)

- Max. ROM size up to 7Mbyte.

- SRAM Save available for MegaDrive/Genesis/MasterSystem games.

- Supports SD cards up to 32GB.

- GameGenie cheat codes supported

- Simple menu.

- Flashed back-up game will stay in memory after power off

- Sega 32x games supported (requires the 32x add-on)

- Region free cartridge, works with Megadrive/Genesis consoles from all regions (Europe/USA/Japan)

Compatible :

- Sega Megadrive (PAL/NTSC) Europe, Japan
- Sega Megadrive 2 (PAL/NTSC) Europe, Japan
- Sega Genesis 1 (NTSC) USA
- Sega Genesis 2 (NTSC) USA
- Sega Genesis 3 (NTSC) USA
- Nomad
- Retron 3
- Super RetroTRIO
- WonderMega

Not compatible!

AtGames Megadrive (the new Megadrive with 80 built in games and wireless joypads)
Retron 5