EZ Flash Junior Jr
EZ Flash Junior Jr
EZ Flash Junior Jr
EZ Flash Junior Jr

EZ Flash Junior Jr

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Gameboy Color rom cartridge


Model: Nintendo Game Boy Color

Brand: EZ FLASH Type: Handheld System

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy


GB/GBC game copy and play
Instant load time
Real time clock
Fast reset to menu
Maximum game: 64Mbits
Maximum save: 1Mbits, LSDJ support
Mapper supports:MBC1,MBC2,MBC3,MBC5,MBC1M,MBC30
Support Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance/SP, even with backlit mods and rechargeable batteries.
System on chip level recovery mode, prevent upgrade dead
Support FAT32 4GB to 32GB SD cards
Firmware and kernel are both upgradable
Replaceable battery design

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chris Lee

Arrived quickly. Works fine.

Lefteris T.

Fast dispatch and delivery. Internal battery was dead but easy to replace. Tested in a Game Boy Pocket and a Game Boy Color.
Works perfect in Game Boy Pocket.
I can't use it with the Game Boy Color. While the controls work in EZ Flash Jr. menu, they stop working in-game. Controls with original cartridges work fine. Applied Kernel 1.04e and Firmware 4 again but the problems persists.
The 4 stars goes to the product. SenkoGames deserve a 5-star rating.

Giacomo Persia
ez junior

è una buonissima flash card per game boy, non ho avuto nessun problema per quanto riguarda io primo utilizzo basta seguirebil video che trovate con tutti i tutorial, se non lo trovate cercatelo sul sito Ez ufficiale. del resto l'ho usata ancora poco ma per ora funziona alla grande e non dà problemi, stra soddisfatto.

Laurent Despoulain
Very good !

I bought one and it works. I had trouble at the beginning because I had to download the software on EZ flash site, but after, it was ok. I am very satisfied!

Arnaud Ladoucette

It was shipped fast as other reviews said. I got some trouble using EZ Flash Jr with the original game boy:32Go wasn't working well, the screen was super light so I switch to 16Go, maybe better to use 4Go or something. 2Go didn't work at all. Then saving wasn't working, it got all gitchy. So I put new batteries (rechargeable) and not works just fine! I hope it helps someone else